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Contact us through the form and mention that you are ordering a new gunstock by distance.

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We have documents for you fill with some measures that will be crucial to make your new gunstock.

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We will send to you pictures of available woods for you choose which you will like.

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With the most reliable companies on the market we will send your new gunstock for everywhere.

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Your convenience is one of our priorities


You will now be able to order gunstocks without coming to our facilities. After your contact, you’ll receive some documents that will bring to us some data for we doing our job better.

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Choose your wood

Class A

A very special and rare piece of walnut turkish wood.

Class B

A very special of walnut turkish wood.

Class C

A special of walnut turkish wood.

Class D

The entrance to the walnut turkish wood.


Every place you want

Fast and Secure

We have decades shipping gunstocks worldwide. We work with most reliable shipping companies in the market. But if this is not enough, you can choose which company you like more and we will ship your gunstock by them.

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Some extras to you follow the work of your gunstock

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