More than 30 years

A lifetime around gunstocks


A long time ago we have a honor to participate on book of Michael Yardley. Widely regarded as the definitive work on the design and fitting of gun stocks, the first edition covered the subject practically and theoretically, in terms of shooting vision and eye dominance, stocks for game and clay shooting, and pattern plates and the try-gun. Historical material explores how the modern gun stock evolved from the poles and planks of the first handheld firearms to the highly sophisticated designs of the modern era. The second edition includes fitting rifles, recoil, and making and finishing a gun stock.


Few keypoints of our history


The story of Manuel Ricardo begins with grandfather who worked on repairing of guns. The father was also a lifetime mechanical on reparing weapons. Was the father of Manuel who let him start to work with guns.


Since he was twelve years old, Manuel start to deal with gunstock. The wood and the process of making a stock was the gold for him and he knows that he have a special afinity with the wood.


The creation of Manuel Ricardo company occurred more than 30 years ago. He never had another job. It’s a lifetime making gunstock by measure.


First workshop was built in the center of Rates, Póvoa de Varzim. Since the beggining, the work of Manuel Ricardo was very popular and the recognition of his work start to appear on media. Michael Yardley was an example on choosing Manuel to talk about the process of making gunstocks.

Shooting Club

In 2012 Manuel Ricardo move the workshop to Shooting Club of S. Pedro de Rates. Constituted by public deed on December 7, 1994, the club is a successful case in the sport and administrative management of a structure, municipal property, aimed at high competition in the various disciplines of Shooting Sports.


Manuel Ricardo is today a benchmark in the manufacture and repair of handcrafted made to measure gunstock. Everyday we welcome clients from around the world and a lot of competitors of the shooting sport have a stock made by Manuel Ricardo.


Made For Champions



Some cool stuff of our brand


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