Manuel Ricardo

More than 40 years of experience in bespoke gunstock making.

One of the most prestigious and widely recognized brands in the manufacturing of gunstock by measure.

Every shooter’s needs are different and a bespoke gunstock can feel as natural as an extension of the shooter’s body if it is fitted correctly.

From clay shooting disciplines to hunting, our gunstocks are carefully designed to fit your specific needs, taking into consideration not only your body measurements but also your personal preferences and habits, thus helping you achieve your best results, either if you are in the shooting ground following targets, or game hunting in the wild.

More than only carving a wood blank to be a gunstock that fits your needs, the MR team proudly works everyday analyse and develop new designs.

We value the gunstock aesthetics within the costumer requirements and contemporary trends, while being able to maintain or enhance adaptability.

We offer a wide range of ways to customise your gunstock: custom laser engraving designed by our team, multiple checkering designs and styles.

We also offer custom-made wooden or coloured recoil pads, and many more options are available for you to choose from and our team takes any request as a challenge to overcome.

We are constantly improving and adapting, testing, and using new technologies in our process to assure a more efficient way in the making of bespoke gunstock making.

We combine CNC and 3D tech to rabbet and design the stocks, but the last touch from our artisans ensures perfection, we offer the possibility of a made-by-distance work but our reception program is still available, we combine cutting edge technology and artisans knowledge in perfect harmony.

From the blank

Pure nature in your hands, an organic blank extracted from the root of ancient trees in Turkey. Every vein holds immense history and demonstrates the wood quality while exhibiting the organic features that make them special and naturally unique.

To the finished stock

After the process is completed and your stock is finished it is ready to be mounted and put to action. An unequaled work of art of nature shaped meticulously by our artisan’s knowledge to be your work of art.

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