The Process

How we make a gunstock


First step. Rabbet your new stock.

After you choose the wood and type of work you want to do, the first step is the rabbet of your new stock. Since the beginning of 2018, we apply to this job the best technology at the market with high level of precision. We apply this process to all brands of guns and we garantee that your new stock will completely fit in your gun.

Made for You

A stock that fits to you

Taking your measures is a very important step to create a stock that fits perfectly on you. Manuel developed a skills to match your style of shooting to your stock. This combination is capable to improve your results. Ask our champions or view some opinions on our social network.


Until you are completely satisfied

Our workshop is located at the Shooting Club of Rates. We have a free pass to our clients to test the gunstock on development process. You can feel very closely the differences and the improvements of your new stock. We help to improve the your results. Our experience to your skills.


The final touch

Manuel Ricardo is today a benchmark in the manufacture and repair of handcrafted made to measure gunstock. Everyday we welcome clients from around the world and a lot of competitors of the shooting sport have a stock made by Manuel Ricardo.

Your gunstock

Are you sensitive to detail?


With adjustable comb you can adjust the height to your face and shooting with different styles.


Checkering are rows of parallel grooves that cross at a given angle to form little diamond shapes. In the English literature, checkering is often spelled ‘chequering’.


You can shape your stock with infinite styles. Challenge us.


We have an ocean of possibilities for you

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