Made-to-measure gunstock making.

Rabbet the gunstock blank.

After choosing your wood and discuss the work that you want to be done, the first true step in the process is to rabbet the wood blank to fit your gun. We apply cutting edge technology to this part of the process to assure a competitive response time and a possibility to work for all gun brands available in today’s market. In addition, traditional techniques of handmade adjustments assure a perfect fit between wood and gun.

Design and shaping.

Establishing the perfect fit for your shooting needs is crucial, for that reason we are precise and minutely when taking measures and deciding the design of your next gunstock. Manuel has developed through the years the experience and know-how to adjust the design and every line in a gunstock to fit any of your specific needs, from shooting sports to hunting.

Testing it with us.

If you choose to do the work personally by visiting our facilities you will be granted access to a shooting range, assuring that our clients can test and feel closely every little adjustment that is made. Our goal is to help you improve your skills and results.

The final touch.

Choose from a variety of ways to personalize your gunstock, from a custom colored, leather or wooden recoil pad to any idea that you have printed in your
gunstock, designed by our team and laser engraved in your piece.

You can also choose if you want your gunstock to be finished with oil or varnish finishings.